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About Sensors in Wisvia

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About Sensors in Wisvia

What is a Sensor in Wisvia
A Sensor is a unit being monitored and being alerted on individually. For example, we wanted to monitor the network status of a server, then the server's ping is a sensor. Taking Nagios as an example, a Service in Nagios is a sensor while a Host in Nagios can be a sensor as well.
In short, a "sensor" is something that is being monitored.
A sensor in Wisvia, specifically, is identified by a ServiceID and a HostID. This design an inheritance of Nagios' concept.

How does Sensor affect Wisvia.
Wisvia requires sensors defined in order to facilitate ticket tracking systems. However, for the convenience of new users, Wisvia by default creates a default group that will automatically include all members and automatically create and broadcast message for all sensors (including unknown sensors).

How can I manage Sensors
From Wisvia control panel (, "Sensor Management" menu, you can manually create sensors or batch import sensors from Nagios config files.