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Usage of Wisvia

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Usage of Wisvia
Q: What is Wisvia ?
A: Wisvia is a notification and status tracking system. It has a set of APIs available for status/alert generators tosend information to, and has mobile apps that will receive and manage thestatus.

Q: What status and alert generators can Wisvia work with ?
A: We use Nagios as an alert generator for testing. Wisvia itself will work with any software or program that can call external API using http url, SOAP, JSON etc.

Q: Why do I want to use Wisvia ?
A: Wisvia can replace legacy SMS, email alerts. Each person has the flexibility to choose when and how the alert(sound and/or vibration or none) is pushed to their mobile. History and status is kept tidily. Assign, claim tasks, native communication with teams are built intosingle mobile app.