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How to read and customize Wisvia API URLs

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How to read and customize Wisvia API URLs
When a Wisvia company administrator logon to Wisvia portal at, from the Company Management link on top right, there are two API URL links similiar as follows,$HOSTNAME$&altId1=$SERVICEDESC$¬ificationType=$NOTIFICATIONTYPE$&state=$SERVICESTATE$&altMsg='contactmail $CONTACTEMAIL$ ** $NOTIFICATIONTYPE$ Service Alert: $SERVICEDESC$ on $HOSTNAME$ State: $SERVICESTATE$ @ $LONGDATETIME$ **'

This link is customized for Nagios. For nagios systems, simply copy and paste the Host URL and Service URL to Nagios notification commands. For other monitoring systems or signal generators, you can specify the follow parameters.
q: your company code that can be retrieved from Nagios URL
s: name of the service
h: name of the host
notificationType: RECOVERY|PROBLEM
state: OK|WARNING|CRITICAL (When OK is specified in state, the ticket's status will be set to green, other wise it will create a new ticket of red status)